02 November 2005


Well, so it's another turn in the Dude's road to, you know, adulthood. That's right, I talked to a financial adviser for the first time in my life. The conversation went something like this:

Stephen: Yeah, so I was starting to think about investing because basically I like having money but not working.
Financial Advisor: What are you long term goals for your money?
Stephen: Uh, I mean, I'd like more of it, I guess. That's the point of investing, right?
Financial Advisor: How long do you plan to stay in Japan?
Stephen: Well, I mean, for at least the next three years. Pretty long term I guess.
Financial advisor: Long term? Do you want to invest long term?
Stephen: Uh, I guess so. Long term is what, like 5 years?
Financial Advisor: Usually long term means 15 to 30 years.
Stephen: Wow.
Financial Advisor: You want to retire, right?
Stephen: Retire?
Financial Advisor: Are you going to get married?
Stephen: Well, I mean, I really like this girl that I'm going out with —

And it went on like this for like 20 minutes. I guess if I make a simple monthly investment for the next 30 years, I will have a million dollars. A million dollars. Maybe I will retire. Who knows.

All this is not nearly as pressing as the fact that I fell off my Scooter yesterday on my head going about 30 km/hr. Scared the SHIT out of me. Seriously. I think I'm okay. I keep forgetting to my last name.

I'm trading watching Ally McBeal with my lady for work tonight. How shitty is that.