06 November 2005

Good and pissed off

If you wanna get good and pissed off I encourage you to check out the Frontline report on the US use of torture in our "war on terror." Seriously, we're all going to hell for this, no two ways about it. It was another good reminder of why war always creates two bad guys, never anyone doing good. We are so shocked when people call us the Great Satan, but after watching some of this, you might be inclined to agree with them. So the Geneva Conventions don't apply to terrorist suspects because they are "the worst of the worst". Seriously, Donald Rumsfeld you sadistic asshole, think about that statement for a second. Why don't we kick the shit out of child molesters and rapists. Why don't we make them sit in stress positions for hours and hours on end. Why don't we break chemical lights over their bodies.

Oh, right: because child molesters don't have "actionable intelligence." But the "terrorists" (code word for "some Iraqi dude who was in the wrong place at the wrong time") chained to the ground, covered in their own shit, hovering near death from hypothermia — all this while being attacked by a muzzled dog and beaten by a bunch of redneck bastards who are full of their pent-up aggression from being in a war in the first place. They're going to be able to tell you exactly what you want.

The righteous indignation of this administration towards anyone they define as a "terrorist" is ridiculous. Since when does the behavior of others dictate my behavior.

Today, I have a genuine day of off. Bring on the Yoko and Ally McBeal, I say.

I have some thoughts about sex that I've been gathering, but they're still, you know, incubating. Something along the line of how ridiculous it is to exchange a healthy sexual relationship with another person and instead engage in all sorts of individual sexual delinquency because it's, in the Christian culture, less serious of a problem. But like I said, incubating.

Now, where is that peanut I dropped.