24 January 2006


To Write a Love Poem

Cite Solomon who said, "If
you were milk I would
bathe in you. If you were
honey,  I would eat you. If you
were wine I would drink you."
Cite Rick Jackson, love in time
of war. Cite Pynchon or
Bellow or Hemingway. Cite Plato.

If fiction then turn to
this story of lovers running
through surf foam or falling onto
each other.
I prefer fact: You came down
stairs, drone beetle in hand, saying,
What I wrote about.

I wrote kissing on Agano River
banks, I wrote children, a girl with
eyes dark like yours, and blue
ribbons pulled up black hair. I wrote
you and I bent in embrace. I wrote your
tears wetting my shoulder.

So here: weave our legs, it has been
said. Wet me with your mouth, it has
been said. Press your weight against my
weight and collapse like a star, pulling
my body taunt: closer and denser, denser
and closer until all that is left.

We're engaged now.