13 February 2006

Good/bad things

Good and bad things abounded today.

One bad thing: I failed the Japanese Proficiency Level II test I took in December by 16 points on a portion of the test in which the questions were all worth 5 points a piece. Four questions.  This is a bad thing that is also secretly a good thing: Even though I failed the test, I did much, much better than I thought and now, if you consider non-native speakers of Japanese on a scale of 1-10, 10 being fluent, I am at least on paper a 7.48, and that's damn good considering I have no formal training and have only been here for two years or so.

One bad thing: Failed love.

One bad thing that is really a good thing: Dick Cheney shot somebody and every report I've read basically says, But don't worry, the guy is fine, so fine in fact, he's like super fine. Everyone's laughing about it. I mean, he got it pretty bad though, 'eh? ::nerves chuckles:: These things happen all the time. It was really his fault, not Cheney's. I mean Cheney was just shooting at a quail, that's all. Didn't mean to hit the millionaire. The millionaire is actually considering suing himself for being so stupid. Dick Cheney is totally in the clear. Seriously, you read "Dick Cheney Shoots Millionaire" and you think, Holy shit, right? Well, don't think that. That's a wrong thing to think. These things happen all the time. Just got a little peppered. That's all. In intensive care, but in stable condition. We don't even know why he's in intensive care. He could go home now. I mean, he's like, he wants to go home. So, yeah, don't worry about it.

One good thing: A kiss from Yoko — she saw a good dream about me.

One good thing: Yoko Ono and my Yoko share the same name, in Japanese. Of course, the English spelling is the same, but the Japanese characters used at the same too. Also, Yoko Ono was 7 years older than John Lennon. See? My Lennon thing is working out well.

One good thing: The Grackle came out and as Neal stood outside, smoking and listening, I read my story aloud and was, for a moment, proud of myself. The first poem in the magazine is pure gold.

One good thing: I have a lead on a university teaching position at Niigata University of International and Information Studies. Nothing secured, of course. Doesn't start for another year, I am woefully underqualified, but I am a talker and a networker. And unfortunately, in this world, that's all you need.

That and the kisses dreams bring.