01 March 2006

How I came to (or) How I came to be a green and giver of helpful advice

This week, on a green kick, I rode my bicycle. I rode and rode and rode. And I thought about how it troubles me that I ride a bicycle, but I also ride a train. I think we should use another verb. Maybe pedal? Maybe a rumination on the homonyms "pedal" and "peddle"?

Tomorrow, again, I will ride and ride and try to beat the earlier high of 50 klicks in a 24 hour period following this map:

"But Stephe-O," you say, "I have no idea what this map's scale is. For all I know, you could be going, like, a mile and a half?"

Did I mention it is going to rain tomorrow? High likelihood of rain.

I pulled out the ol' "Relationship triangle of Success!" today, to much acclaim. Basically, as you can see, the relationship triangle of success tells us that we need some effing balance in our relationships. Pull too much on one part of the triangle, and suddenly the triangle collapses.

Not convinced? I look pretty compelling if you ask me. And Yoko seems convinced. And totally hot.