10 April 2006


I'm back on my Crowder kick — I want to talk about his song "God of Wrath." Since when did a song built only a list of descriptive words that are opposites become a praised form of artistic expression? I just don't get it. And he won three dove awards, I guess. Why? What am I missing? ::shakes teenager jumping up and down at a concert:: Explain this to me! I actually, honestly, want to know. Crowder's answer to my question was complete bollocks. Somebody's gotta tell me what's going on.

After about a five week absence, I was called back to work today. Don't worry, just for an hour. It was okay. I got my schedule for the new year and got one of my classes cancelled for this week already. You know, you think not having a job for a month would be great, but it really wasn't. No purpose, no direction. It was awful. But now, I'm okay and next year, I'm not going to do the same thing. Oh no, no.

65/35. These numbers are like manna from heaven. 35% cotton, 65% polyester. Wrinkle free, cool, and loving it. My personal guru Neal sensei, is to thank. Although he spouted out this advice almost a year ago, it is still blessing me in many, many wonderful ways.

I'm finally throwing in the towel and going to see a shrink regarding what I think might be a case of obsession disorder in the dude. Yeah, I know. There's nothing more embarrassing then saying, hey, I think I have a problem and I think I need help. I think it's time that I get a little bit of control over my thoughts. So your prayers or thoughts would be more than appreciated.