31 July 2006


Am I back?

I am married now. Maybe you are interested in my married life, and maybe I am eager to tell you about it. I had always noticed that men who used to be rather open and crass suddenly became very quiet about things like sex when they actually got married. Maybe I will be the same way... Maybe you want to hear this story, meditate on this image: Stephen, naked, standing on the bed with a rolled up church bulletin in hand shouting at a beetle, You have chosen the wrong higher life form to fuck with, friend.

Yoko got me a nice watch for my birthday so after years of not wearing an jewelry, I am wearing a ring and a watch. It's like when I got my long winter coat, the one I call the *legitimizer.* This watch is a legitimizer too.

Married is pretty much exactly like unmarried life, except that I have one less closet.