16 September 2006

Day 18, Teach me an English Phrase

I never have really felt great about teaching English to children. From the infamous "Phonics March" to many failed attempts at teaching penmanship, today I finally feel like I reached one of the hardest students I have. So much so that I thought, Given the right text, I bet I could teach him to read. Here is a game he created with which we practiced plural production and counting.

Two material possessions have been causing me a great deal of suffering this week: my motor bike and my cell phone. Why had an R appeared on the screen of my phone and why did it keep insisting I had new messages. I checked several times, man, there are no new messages. After thumbing through the 556 page owner's manual in Japanese, I was even more discouraged, but I think I finally fixed the problem. Also, I wintered up my motorbike.

Big problems occur when you start writing poems to unborn children.