02 September 2006

Day 4

When my hero and mentor, Mr. Neal, moved away this week, he left me his bag of tricks. This bag of tricks had a lot of things, but one of the best things it had was a wordsearch book. It's a little bit older, this book Neal gave me and I love this page, entry four in the thirty part series, "How Japan is seen."

In the Elizabeth Taylor search, you gotta find the word "Dick."

My phone also takes shitty video. Here is my student Tetsuya (currently struggling with a cold and the past tense) doing "something," a kind of hand signal I find ominous.

Lastly, Yoko has been studying 書道, the art of writing Chinese characters and got her work published in the monthly textbook that gets put out by some company. She's happy, I'm happy, everyone is happy.