05 September 2006

Day seven, or who the hell can see forever

The neighborhood god lives a couple of doors down from us. It hasn't caused us too much trouble. The neighborhood mortals have done a bad job taking care of the gate. Come to think of it, the astroturf appears to be in dissarray too. The troubles of being a god in world of mortals are often too much to stand I can imagine.

I can't find a good video of the Iron and Wine song, "The Trapeze Swinger." That song is brilliant, really talks to all my frustrations, but the video I found was not brilliant and only added to my frustrations. It had the audacity to cut out during the best part of the song, where the protagonist promises to reach heaven's gates and make a drawing of, among other things, "an angel kissing on a sinner." A line worth dying for, really. I'll keep the lookout for a good video. Until then, enjoy the audio file from Lollapalooza and this very excellent website. The whole effing show is available, although I just realized that the sound cuts out when he sings "fuck the man" and the crowd cheers. So if you are offended by the word "fuck," don't worry, they have cut the word "fuck" out of the recording.