29 September 2006

Shakes Like a Toothache

I suppose it's okay now to go public with this juicy bit of gossip. Yoko and I have, apparently, made a baby. Only a 10 mm fleck of person floating inside Yoko, I suspect even now it grows. If this comes as some surprise to you, rest assured it can't be anymore of a surprise than it was to us. I'm over the shock now and feeling content about it. As much as I can, I guess. My love for this little person is seemingly endless already and we have names and all that...I agreed to not make this new blog about my insecurity or anything too personal, but this cannot be avoided, I guess.

But hey, I totally beat the Yahoo BB internet provider phonetree at their own game today. It took me a couple of days, but I won.

This morning, I woke up and laid in bed reading Murakami for about a half hour. Murakami in the morning (a story today about a brother and sister) is refreshing. Makes me believe that there is a Japanese soul beneath all this soul-less exterior. From Norwegian Wood:
Reiko lit a cigarette. The wind had died down. The smoke rose straight up and disappeared into the darkness of night. Just then I realized that the sky was filled with stars.