22 October 2006

Absolutely Fascinating

Students of Japanese might find this fascinating. This is a conversation from a Japanese corpus of interviews and role-playing. I usually have trouble following conversations that I am not participating in after about ten minutes so its crazy helpful to be able to follow along with the text. Also, as it's an interview, the subject matter shifts more predictably then a natural conversation, but the conversation (the idiomatic phrases and polite and honorific forms) are all very natural, I think. For the 99% of you who aren't studying Japanese, well, watch this instead.

I talked to some Mormons yesterday who ignored the international fuck-off sign. Then some Jehovah's witnesses came to my door, and I helped them understand that they shouldn't come to my door to tell me what they believe. No effing patience.

I skipped church and my sunglasses and WordTank G55 totally came in today. Now, stylish and able to search English collocations, I am unstoppable.