05 October 2006

A good day

Tokyo in the summer:
  1. My Japanese kicked ass on the phone with the customer service people at Canon.
  2. New tutor, Mr. Greg Hadley, who might best be described as prolific. He is going to help me clean up on my dissertation.
  3. Tax refund!?
  4. The Republicans pissing so badly down their legs that I don't think even Howard Dean can eff it up for us. Although I am imagining the meetings the Democrats are  wringing their hands, trying to figure out some way to throw it all away. Howard Dean piping up after about a minute of silence, "Hey, what if I scream again? That worked last time. Right? Right, guys?!"
  5. This isn't a good thing, but Tom, did Foley ever hit on you when you were a page?