14 October 2006

Pope on a Jeep

Well, with Yoko feeling better, we had ourselves a nice Saturday, heading out to Basillica again so Yoko could see what was up. There was some sort of long, boring service taking place with hundreds of white hat wearing Catholics having a good time. This meant that we couldn't get in, but we decided to stay anyway and watch the Mass and wait for it to end. It took forever and when things were winding down, I got right at the front of the line to head into the Basillica once things were done. There didn't seem to be much going on and I was wondering why things hadn't opened up when suddenly, a white jeep appeared with the Pope on it, waving and blessing. So that was cool that we got to see the Pope and all, and better yet, the line I had chosen to get in the front of was now like halfway around the piazza.

Now, I know there are assholes in all religions, but the moment the mass ended, a hoard of angry, shouting, pushing piligrims disregarded the line we (me and the Germans about about 2,000 other people) had been nursing to push in front of us. I wanted to make a shirt that said, "Cutting in Line Makes Baby Ratziner Cry." Anyway, they all pushed themselves in front of us, but it was fine because they all headed to John Paul 2's tomb, leaving everything else wide open.

Anyway, more later when I get home.