19 November 2006

Babies, nursery school, and all these things

he iMac was dying and I found out there was a recall on some part. This was good for me in that I didn't have to pay any money, but bad for you as I haven't been able to keep you up to speed.

One of the great things about having for a baby is looking at great baby clothes like this. The kids clothes in Japan have the best Engrish. It's so damn uplifting. All of them are like, "Happy is the baby that is joy!"

Yoko and I are talking about nursery school and whether or not Yoko will quit her job and all the things having a baby entail. It's weird to think about what kind of kid you want and how it is best to give the kid the space and boundaries it needs to be a good kid and not an asshole. Independence balanced with dependence, family time balanced with other people time. Mom time balanced with Dad time. It's a lot to think about. I'm sure I'm under-thinking it too because I'm like, well, it'll all work out anyway. We don't have to worry about it just yet though.

I saw About Schmidt again last night with Yoko and I kept telling her how American the people were.