21 November 2006


Here you see the best news I've had all day. After finishing my second practice test for the impending Japanese Proficiency Examination, Level 2, I have passed by 4% points. I know, I know, you're saying, That's not really great, and I suppose you're right, but you see, it's like this: I've been busting my ass to learn Japanese for about 3 years now. When I first got to Japan, I didn't study at all. After about three months, I sort of eased into it and didn't really get my first grammar book until I have been here for half of a year. Since then, every day I do something. And I know testing isn't good, and this and that, but I gotta say, having something concrete that says you have improved really helps. Also, if (and when) I pass this test, I will have proven the proficiency needed for all daily life activities, as well as reading at a post-primary level which isn't as easy as it sounds. Next, next year I should be able to pass the first level which will put me at native-level proficiency, more-or-less. And then? I can start translating more effectively and become world famous for something.

It looks like my computer should be back in the next hour. What more could I ask for.