14 November 2006

The bush

A student asked me today, "Do you like the bush?" Initially, I was sort of caught off-guard — I mean, of course I like the bush, but... Oh wait. No, no article there. Just Bush, please, and no, of course not, but speaking of Bush, I love how he's like, I'm willing to reconsider the rhetoric of this war. Any change to the wording is welcome. I agree, the words I'm using are not working. For the love of god, can someone please think of some new words! I was also happy to hear that he spent "an hour" with the bipartisan committee on rethinking things in Iraq. That about wraps it up.

I'm trying to make my Japanese a little bit more streamlined. My explanations usually sound like this: "I stopped at a yellow light and a bus behind me did not stop and I was really surprised" to just saying, "A bus passed me at a yellow light today." Alot of my stories in Japanese are probably very tedious to listen to, with lots of 'and's and 'but's and 'right?'s. You can explain just about anything with ten or twelve verbs. It just takes more time.