29 November 2006

Calms down, thinks about it

It's been a good couple of days thinking about technology, why I blogging (some Engrish for you), and my caustic personality. I realized that this blog represents one side of me, the one that usually comes out when I write: a very caustic, cheeky side. I write fiction the same way. I use the f-word a lot too and my mom would also probably be horrified if she read this. But I think I have come to terms with all that and either stop doing it or face the consequences of doing it. A blog is necessarily only one side of a person, usually the side they want you to see. If my English is misunderstood by a Japanese reader, that's what we call in Japanese a しょうがない or it can't be helped. 2I think I've done a better job of being less personal on WordPress than I was on Xanga. Maybe not. Anyway, no more worrying about IP addresses and stalkers. Read what you like. Think what you like. But please, keep reading and keep thinking. And I'll do my best to be entertaining. 'Cause that's really all this is.