16 November 2006

They went to say

The beginning of Niigata winter has hit me hard. That means rain — a kind of hard, demoralizing rain. I am always wet. And since I  turned in my car for this beast of a scooter, things are even worse. Additionally, the weather has caused my pregnant wife to become Sheetie McHog-and-Steal at night. At about three, I wake up shaking while the side of the bed where my wife was once sleeping is now just a three foot high pile of blankets. That ain't right.

You may be familiar with the new Decemberists record called "The Crane Wife" based loosely on the Japanese folktale 鶴の恩返し. The songs are really something. You should buy the record and worry about repaying debts and blood in the thread.

Now, to return to the terrifying world of test preparations and beer.