14 December 2006

A break, please?

These week's chart of emotions was like this a little bit.

"Emotional Quotient" is probably the wrong term, but fixing the graph would be too much work. Looking at these data points, I think we can see just how ups and downs have been taking on a toll on Stephen. Although I wish those increases/ decreases were a little bit steeper. Now, it seems I have to make a couple of decisions, roll the dice? Play it safe?

Only in Japan does this fly: "Okay, everyone, a government report came out today and since the government says the economy is still soft, we all gotta take a 5% cut in pay next year." Like seriously. And the workers all go, "Hey that sounds right. I mean, I don't like it, but the GOVERNMENT said so and the Board of Trustees thinks its the wisest thing. I guess I'll just work harder so that maybe, just maybe, I can have the same thankless job until I turn 60 and can retire. Unless the government thinks I should retire at 65."

But hey, I still have my elephant puppet.