16 December 2006

I love translation

I love it. It's so challenging. It gets me thinking. So much to juggle. So much to think about. If I could get paid well to do this, well, I would do this, and this only. All day. Every day.

Starting to prepare for the Japanese Proficiency Exam Level I. It's going well so far. Learning the Chinese characters. Today is this one: 妥協 that would be compromise. Compromise. I like it.

I heard that a couple of kids got kicked out of school for drinking. How were they found out? I asked. Well, the teacher told me, a couple of students saw them. Right, I said, but how did you know the other kids weren't lying? Oh, they admitted to it, said the teacher. Plus, they have blogs. So, word to the wise. Don't blog about it. Keep it to yourself.

Yoko took 10,000 yen from me, but she's cute and she's carrying around that baby so I can't really say anything. Plus, I'm having a good day.

I made a mistake earlier by talking about my "emotional quotient". That was just a wrong way of describing it. I'll try to think of something better in the future.

Home in 6 days.