01 December 2006


So my brother and I were having a conversation about this blog and it's form and I wanted to bring it up here as well. We were talking about how my presentation of things on this blog is mostly just "Cynical video clip, cynical commentary" and how this doesn't move dialog forward. For example, I said the other day after that "The Devil is a Liar" clip, "Does the idea of Satan have anyone else scratching their head and going, come again?" This was originally the begining of a new paragraph about my thoughts on the devil but I cut it because it was boring and I didn't think I had anything worthwhile to say. I just watched the clip and wondered why some people believe there is an all-evil force out there trying to get them to do bad things. It seemed odd to me. But I don't really care about presenting my opinion.

I guess the question is, Is that okay? Should I present my opinions in non-caustic ways? Should I present Mormon opinions without caustic commentary? Should I stop being caustic because it drags the conversation through the mud?

Obiviously, I think that I don't. I'll say it again, You want real discussion, real debate, real thinking read Sullivan. I'm not interested in keeping up a blog like that. I like showing you what I think is funny, interesting, or pressing in my life on a given day. I am a liberal, bitter ex-Evangelical, father-to-be, Japanese learner, English teacher, liguistics student, and writer. So most of what I find interesting is related to that. I don't want to post a video of Bush saying something I find ridiculous and giving you a fact by fact explanation of why I think that. I don't have the time. I laughed, maybe you will laugh too. If you think it's unfair, comment on the post and say so. I started this wordpress blog with the goal of having 300 regular readers. That's the goal of this blog. Anything that is said about religion or politics might or might not reflect what I 100% believe. Being clear or level-headed or fair is not my intention (although I might try to do so from time to time). My goal is to entertain.