17 December 2006

Nepal and India

I hate translation. Everything about it. Trying to make dumb Japanese phrases fit into this fine English language of ours. Trying to make that word fit, somewhere: anywhere. This so far:
In addition, even if students had been able to use English for 45 minutes, it was impossible for English settle in the students minds as there are only several English classes in a year. Moreover, although students practiced words like "zebra", zebras are not animals that the students encountered every day. Students did not have a chance to use English and it did not become a tool for communication.
But hey, I might be going to Nepal and India in the Spring to hang out with a Japanese doctor doing aid work with some Tibetian refuges. If Yoko isn't about to burst, it should be a lot of fun. We'll see though.

Lastly, my family said goodbye to the family dog, Moriah, this weekend. We had him for 10 years (or 11), so you can imagine that he was quite a part of the family. He and I had a strange relationship. I will miss him.