07 December 2006

Now, with time to think

Not having to "go to work" "everyday", I find myself with time to read and write and think a lot. I am still reading the Heng Sure book and working on my report. And finding out today if my future is closer than I thought (more on that later). Until then, I think I might actually post a non-sarcastic collection of thoughts about religion. So, take it while you can.

Your main Western religions (that'd be Chrisitanity, Islam, Judiasm, and Baseball) are all built on creeds. You say something with intent, and you become a member of that religion. Lots of rules and what have you come with it, but at the crux is a confession of faith. This doesn't seem to be true of my new friend, Buddhism. You want to become a buddhist? Well, the answer is most-likely, you already are a Buddhist. You should be practicing the Dharma, but when you become a Buddhist, what you believe doesn't really have that much to do with anything. You don't accept the Buddha into your heart. You don't profess that their is no self. You don't try to attain enlightenment. Those are all things people from the West say as they try to understand Buddhism through their Christianity-coloured glasses. It seems to be less about what you believe (or say you believe), but what you do.

I don't really have a conclusion about that.

Or, you could listen to this ignorant fellow.