11 December 2006


I just submitted my first article ever to an academic journal. This should be followed promptly by receiving my first ever rejection from an academic journal, but for tonight, I'm a little bit proud of myself. The article wasn't especially intelligent and it didn't really say anything new. But still.

I love Japanese television. First, they're having this World Cup club championship series. Tonight, we had a game between a central American club and a Korean club. It was a wicked dirty match. Gotta love the clash of cultures and all that. Second, there is this show that has a segment where celebrities play tag with famous athletes. The celebrities aren't very good, but there are like 20 of them, and the athlete has to tag everyone in a set time. This week none other than Carl Lewis was playing. Yoko kept asking me, "Do you know Karlis?" No, I don't know Karlis, who's that? "You don't know?" she said, "The world-famous track and field guy? He's a American? Karlis?" Ah, Carl Lewis. Yes, I know him.

He won, by the way.