20 January 2007

Building friendship

Yoko and I are going to buy a refrigerator today because our refrigerator has found itself stuck only on one setting: Wicked Cold. So cold, in fact, the freezer is freezing everything in the refrigerator.  This, though making for an interesting cereal eating experience, will not do. The most interesting part of this purchasing process is observing how much I have changed in a little under a year. Last year, when I was single and didn't care about anything, the answer to the question of which refrigerator should I buy would have been simple. The cheapest. Used, whatever, doesn't matter. The cheapest. Now, with a baby on the way and a wife, suddenly I find myself thinking, you know, We might be using this refrigerator for ten years. This might be a refrigerator that all three of our unborn children might use. Maybe the cheapest one isn't the best. So I find myself eyeing this one and thinking, Well, 60,000 is pretty cheap, I guess. And we find ourselves not asking, Can we afford a new refrigerator, but should we buy one. Is it a good use of resources. Oddly, the answer is probably that it is. And I will officially be no longer an interesting, wandering poet, but a refrigerator owning father and husband.

I've been trying to post all weekend, last night about flat champagne, this morning about job interviews and the feeling of standing in front of an empty college classroom for the first time thinking, "I'm going to get used to this very quickly." But nothing came.

We saw a picture on the front of a magazine last night that looked exactly like Naomi will probably look. Japanese eyes, blonde hair. I'm in for a world of hurt when that girl grows breasts and learns to flirt.