16 January 2007

Clean-shaven, hopeful

Well, I finally got some exercise and cleaned up. Now, I want to count some of the good things that have happened the last 36 hours.
  1. My family is a Skyping family now. I like it a lot, not because I like people to see me all the time, but because I get to save 2.5 yen for every minute I talk. Great!
  2. I finished my paper for Module 4, Corpus Lingusitics. Great!
  3. My weight gain over the holidays has disappeared. Now, back to January 2006 levels! Great!
  4. I totally beefed up the box on the back on my motor scooter. Now, hinges! Great!
  5. I finished my first paid translation. Great!
  6. The weather is great. Great!