28 January 2007

Iron and Wine, Tokyo

If there is any place to see the quietest band in the world, it is in the quietest place in the world. Iron and Wine played: no one talked during the whole set. Complete silence between songs. There were only two of us who cheered when he hit the first chords to "The Trapeze Swinger" and I was immediately embarrassed. It was perfectly quiet and sincere. The rabbit that I think lives in Sam Beam's beard didn't appear. Also, Calexico played.

I spilled coke and whisky on my camera and I think I might have hurt it.

Tokyo was nice otherwise. Heather took me around looking for shoes. I didn't stop talking the whole time. It was really a fabulous afternoon, one of the best I have had in Tokyo. Spent the night a J's and was up to three defending my interest in Buddhism. I skipped church this morning, slept, and finished On the Road in Shibuya and, ironically, on the road. Now I am home, feeling like I didn't quite get it out of my system and wondering if I ever will. And wondering what it is exactly.