06 January 2007


Looks like we are going to have a baby girl. This is great news for me. I really, really want to have a girl. A boy is okay, too. The doctor couldn't see anything that looked like a part of the male anatomy but given my Finnish genes, who knows.

I talked to a couple of people about my blog while I was in Chicago, and I was thinking again about what goes down here and what it says about me as a person. But I think I will stick with what I have said earlier and continue to do my best here to write sentences that I am proud of.

I got a couple of great things while back including a new keyboard that can do anything and small 120 gig external hard drive that I initially thought was really slow, but isn't and gives me a great feeling of security now that everything is backed up.

America impressed me this time around. Everyone was really polite and cool and things went really smoothly. I tell people that this is not normally the case. But I was really impressed with how simple things are in the States. You don't have to do a bunch of gymnastics to do something simple like invest money. You can do it all the internet.

I read Obama's new book and it was really good. I think he has what it takes to go really far. You can make fun of me for being starry-eyed and optimistic. I can make fun of Mitt Romney's Mormon Pants.

I looked for a video of Kweli's "Joy" which really describes my current feelings about the little girl baking inside of Yoko, but I couldn't find it.