15 January 2007

Obama appears to me in a dream

Me as crap

Last night, Barack Obama appeared to me in a dream. We had a conversation about my brother becoming his personal assistant. When I awoke, the weekend was over and I remembered that I had not updated you, my good readers, in quite some time. I imagined all of you, lost and concerned, wondering what had become of me.

Your worrying was not ill-placed, I assure you. The last couple of days have been heavy in moral dilemma and light on peace of mind and good karma. Not having showered since some time on Saturday, I look tired, run down and hung over.

This weekend, I watch Hotel Rwanda three times. If you haven't seen it and need more to worry about in your life, I suggest this film.

I have also been reading On the Road finally, and liked this part here, specifically:
All this time Dean was telling Marylou things like this: "Now, darling, here we are in New York and although I haven't quite told you everything that I was thinking about when we crossed Missouri and especially at the point when we passed the Bonneville reformatory which reminded me of my jail problem, it is absolutely necessary to postpone all those leftover things concerning our personal lovethings and at once begin thinking about specific worklife plans..." and so on in the way that he had in those early days.
It hasn't all been all f-bombs and frustrations. No sir, I have managed to score myself a part-time, one-day a week job at a junior college. That, my friends, is the very lowest rung of a very tall ladder that eventually, in like 15 years, will end in tenure. I'll take what I can get.