10 January 2007

Tries not to swear

If I get through this one without saying fuck or shit or even goddamn hell, it will be a success.

What troubles me? Japanese dentistry, that's what. Every time I go to the dentist, I come back feeling less like a person and more like a disfigured American cog in a well-oiled Japanese cog-making machine. My main complaints with Japanese dentistry follow:
1) Your teeth should not hurt more or chronically after they have been fixed. I don't care is Japanese people are "more patient" than other people when it comes to pain. In America, we manage to fix people's teeth so they have no pain. I know, I know: we are a fat, wealthy people.
2) Do you really have to dig out half of my tooth to get that cavity?
3) When you dig out half my tooth, could you please replace it with something other than silver? Oh, that's right, insurance won't cover porcelain. Some Japanese bureaucrat doesn't understand that the collective teeth of the country look ridiculous.
4) Dentists answer questions about causes, not ask them. For example, question: "I have a headache all the time, I think it might be related to that piece of metal you put in my mouth in June." Bad answer: "Hm... you think it's related?" Seriously, I'm the one with the bib on. That's what you're getting paid to decide.
I also lost one of my cash cow classes and with the pay cut at my normal job (the cog-making machine rears it's ugly head again), I am trying to figure out how to make all these things fit.