01 February 2007

As promised

I am going to be posting more. I am at work now, 5th period, waiting for my 6th period class. Usually this means that I have wasted most of my day already and am trying to waste another hour. But not today. Over lunch at the greatest family restaurant ever, I finished my readings for Introduction to Translation Studies, outlined my paper for Introduction to Translation Studies, thought a little bit more about my dissertation topic, and drank 2 cappuccinos, 1 iced coffee, and two half glasses of coke.

I am also getting ready to launch a new blog for my students which will hopefully include worksheets, homework assignments, video, and EFL links galore. Anyone want to suggest a good wordpress scheme to use where you can see on the side of the page as opposed to the bottom? Anyone want to suggest a good name for it?

Will Smith was on TV here last week with Japanese super-pop group SMAP. As they do with foreign celebrities, SMAP challenged Will Smith to a game of nine ball pool, which Smith totally cleaned up on. Then, he was given the throne to sit in and the members of SMAP were supposed to tell him sad stories from their childhood to win his favor.