24 February 2007

Doing time

[Doing times]'s a music video that reminds me of when things were simpler, in a much more complicated way. It also kicks off a series of posts I want to write about when "things were simpler, in a much more complicated way". Maybe this sort of revisiting of the past can be traced to the now three-month-away birth of my daughter, whom I dreamt of last night, again. In this dream, as in most of my dreams, I was holding her and she was holding onto me very tightly. There was an earthquake and I grabbed her and we (Yoko and I) ran out into the street. After the earthquake stopped, I noticed she was shrinking and starting to look more like a small dragon, until she fit in my palm. She wasn't breathing, and I put her in a shoe box where she usually slept and covered her with a small blanket. I asked Yoko if it was normal for them to stop breathing, and Yoko said, "She stopped breathing?" just as the baby took a breath. And then I woke up.