13 February 2007

Hide all the diamonds and cocaine

I’m only halfway through my longest day this week.

I got the bug to run last night and I thought getting up this morning at 6:50 was the best way to satisfy myself. So I did. I have been running 8 or 9 km a day this week, instead of my usual 4 or 5. It feels good. After three, everything is the same.

I’m also reading Oscar Wilde’s Picture of Dorian Gray. It’s not bad, but a little bit too much after having read The Alchemist. Next is a Nastume Soseki novel which I am looking forward to the most. Dorian Gray is sort of a road bump.

I also did a little bit of volunteer work at an elementary school that I used to work at. It was weird being back and I quickly remembered why I had quit. I love kids, but that’s really a lie. Some kid made fun of my accent and I LAID into him (kindly, but strongly) in Japanese. It was a really fine moment. Maybe he’ll even remember it. I feel much better sitting here, at high school, with my cup of tea and Internet access. And my desk. My desk is great.