18 February 2007

A kind of truth

It's rare that I take a good picture on my phone, much less one that feels like it has something to say. This one, taken from a parking lot on the top of a grocery store, feels like it has something to say. This one tells us a lot about Niigata City as it is, at least in my mind.
This other one, taken on the other side of Niigata, tells a much different story, on a much clearer day. I love the feeling of coming over a hill and seeing the Sea of Japan like this. It reminds me of the time Neal and I went out to this beach during a typhoon to "see what might happen". It was really disappointing and we ended up going to a curry restaurant instead.

Speaking of Neal, his girlfriend gave him some wicked Mongolian music and he in turn gave it to me. Mongolian pop is a lot like every other kind of world pop I have heard, only in Mongolian.