26 February 2007

Lots alearn'

After discovering Birmingham has a great online library, I just got done reading a book (suggested to me by one of you), From Alphabet to Email by Naomi Baron. This book is like a diving board to the pool that is my dissertation. Everything I need is there, I think. Pages and pages of bibliography. It's like gold. Among the many things I've learned today:
The works of an auctor (as opposed to just a writer of, say, lectures, sermons, or even fables or lyric poems) carried auctoritas, or authority. Authority came from the fact that the work possessed two vital qualities: intrinsic worth and authenticity. (Baron, 2001: 51)
Now, how that applies to all the slack-jaws out there blogging is soon to be determined.

Really, just fascinating stuff about punctuation and grammar and spelling. Things that I would like to say to the teachers at my school if it were not to be met with a very obviously feigned interest and some crap about how they don't really have a choice in what or how they teach. If we are all puppets and there is no puppet-master, we can just lie here until someone does something with us.