02 February 2007

New Website/ Blog

I've been working hard at putting up my new blog/ website set for launch sometime next week. I am even thinking of buying a URL for it. Google is awesome as you can now post calendars, worksheets and documents for free. YouTube with the videos. Will they read? I don't know. I just want to be able to put it on my card so that people can check it out when I'm applying for jobs and be like, Man dog, that is wicked hot. Here, work for us.

I also did some work on my MySpace page, although I fundamentally reject MySpace. I also updated my workspace at school so it won't be a disaster anymore.

Lastly, winter finally came to Niigata and I couldn't be an more upset about it. Today, on the bridge, everyone forgot how to drive and felt that the best way to deal with the snow was to just stop. We can't go on. I was more than a little unhappy about it.