07 February 2007

Oo-Ee-Oo: Killer Tofu

I'm back on the horse, trying to drop these pesky six to eight pounds I have put on in the last year. Not a lot of weight to lose, really, but it does mean some changes for the dude and the re-emergence of my popular tofu shake. Here's how you make it, roughly:
  1. Throw some tofu into a blender. Like 100 grams or 300 grams, it doesn't really matter
  2. Throw some other stuff into the blender. Bananas, yogurt, juice, milk. Beer. Kinda depends on how sweet you want it.
  3. Throw some ice in too. You know, eyeball it.
  4. Blend.
Now, isn't that a delicious, low calorie snack you've just made? Doesn't taste quite right? Well, you seem to have screwed up the ratios. Try it again. Practice makes perfect.

I had a moment of pure honesty last night, unfettered by what I wanted to be true or what I didn't want to be true. Just, how it was. It was great. More of that to come, I hope.