11 February 2007

Tofu shake: A joke

I was all up on the tofu shake a couple of days ago, but I think I was wrong. The tofu shake is a joke. You know they make protein shake mix that has all the benefits of drinking tofu without all the estrogen and, uh, tofu? Well, it was news to me. Now, I'm on the diet shake kick. Much easier. Much better tasting. More expensive.

That's not to say that I have turned my back on my good friend tofu. Not by a long shot. Tofu in ramen? Magnificent. Tofu and egg omelette? Well, you can't even taste the tofu.

And I've lost 1 kilo already.

Last night, I finally saw, Walk the Line. Now, let me just say, I was a Johnny Cash fan way before this movie, like by at least 6 months. But I enjoyed it. I mean, if you like watching someone pretending to be Johnny Cash. I also finally realized what the word "biopic" meant.

Now, only a few short months until American VI. And maybe a new Radiohead record? Eh, Radioheads?