21 February 2007


This is why English teaching can be hard sometime:
I handed out surveys at my new class to get a feel for where people are at and also give them the impression that I was listening to them. Not that I don't listen to my students--because I do. I just think sometimes teachers know more about what students need than students. Anyway, same class, two people want completely different things. What do you do? Do you talk naturally or not?

This makes me think, what would Obama do? Well, he would talk naturally and slow at the same time. Such a high standard.

I'm also writing my first syllabus for the college class. Dude, to fail my class you are going to have to be not only a dunce, but a non-attending dunce. You turn something in? You're set! Then there's another paper that I am writing for "The Language Teacher" about Helter Skelter English. I think it's going to be a winner.

Lastly, Yoko and I slow danced to Norah Jones in the booze store.