28 March 2007


I'm back from my bicycle trip around Sado Island (former exile for Japanese criminals and political dissenters). If last year was an unmitigated disaster, this year was a mitigated success. The exception was really strong winds on the northwest side of the island and I mean, strong in the sense that I was more than a little bit worried about being blown off a cliff which kept me to 10 km/hr for almost three hours and a lot of wind this morning on the southwest side. But this year, there was no rain and I stayed at a great hotel, so I could sit in a bath last night and this morning before I rode. The stats:

Total Distance: 216 km
Total Time Riding: 10:51:29
Top Speed: 47.8 km/hr
Average speed: 19.9 km/ hr

I didn't take a lot of pictures as the wind was so bad most of yesterday and today I was booking it to make the early boat. I do have a few though and I will post them on Friday, when I get back from Tokyo.