02 March 2007

\ (^.^) /

I don't especially feel this way.

Neal is in town which makes things a lot better and makes me a lot more aware of how married I am. Hanging out with a couple of single guys talking about rock climbing in Greece and internships in Fiji will do that, I guess. And I'm like, "Yeah, so Yoko and I were at the supermarket yesterday and it was totally like — we totally didn't know what washing detergent to buy." And everyone's like, "That's, uh, really great dude."

I am finished with my day job for about five weeks now. I can stay up late, sleep in, and sit around in my underwear all day, reliving the glory days of freshman year. Only with no Bob, and a shit-load of work to be done.

Maybe it's time to start cursing again online. I sort of miss it.