25 March 2007


There was an earthquake this morning south of Niigata in Ishikawa Prefecture, like 6.9. It wasn't bad here, but we definitely felt it. Lots of mudslides, it looks like. Roads falling apart, trains derailing. That's Japan for you, I guess.

Last day of Sumo today and looks like we might have a showdown between the two top wrestlers, both from Mongolia. I'm sure they're drinking Kumis to get loose before their matches.

I wanted to complain about the Allen Wrench for a while and wonder aloud about what moron thought the Allen Wrench was a good idea, but now, with the help of Wikipedia, we need have no more questions. Apparently, it's full of useful functions:
  • The tool is simple, small and light.
  • The contact surfaces of the screw or bolt are protected from external damage.
  • The tool can be used with a headless screw.
  • The bolt can be inserted into its socket using the key.
  • There are six contact surfaces between bolt and driver.
  • Torque is constrained by the length and thickness of the key.
  • Very small bolt heads can be accommodated.
  • The tool can be manufactured very cheaply, so is often included with products requiring end-user assembly.
I still think it's a pain in the ass.