07 March 2007

Good work, Japan

In Japan, everyone with a TV is required to pay the national television company 1,300 a month. Doesn't matter if you don't watch NHK, you are required by law to sign a contract. But, oddly enough, there was no law to make people pay. But they changed that now and are threatening to take people to small claims court for the 1,300 yen. Seriously. In America? We couldn't do this.

Well, so Mr. NHK showed up today and was shocked to find me, a foreigner. He had everything set up for me to sign the contract, but suddenly,  I managed to forget all of my Japanese. I'm sorry? I said, What is 契約書? I'm not sure what this means. You'll need to talk to my wife. He looked so scared. It was hilarious. Oh, uh, oh, he said. Oh, well, oh, okay then. And left.

Me 1, Japan 0