22 March 2007


I always wondered why people hate the IRS. Now that I have actually talked to them, I know why:

IRS: Hello, IRS.
Me: Hi, I just a quick question about filing. I live in Japan and my wife is a Japanese citizen without a social security number and I am wondering what is the best or easiest way for us to file.
IRS: (already angry) Okay, sir, I am not here to tell you what is easiest or best to do. Okay?
Me: Oh, no, I just meant-
IRS: Let me finish. I can only tell you what the law says.

And it went on like that for 20 minutes. Without really any good answer, except that I have to go to Tokyo, probably. Dude, man, I'm not trying to scam anyone here, you know.

I also hate TurboTax.