11 March 2007

Life in the fast lane

Oh Japan.
If you want to lose weight, Japan is your country. This here is vitamin gel. It tastes like berries, it feels like eating a cup of jello, it gives you half of the 12 essential vitamins you need for the day, and it has no calories. That's right. None.

My Japanese phrase of the day is 言うまでもないことを言う which means to state the obvious. The Japanese are the KINGS of stating the obvious. I asked Yoko if they had a competition for stating the obvious. I imagine it would go something like this: Three contestants are shown a cucumber and they try to say the most obvious thing.

Contestant A: It's a cucumber!
Contestant B: It's really green!
Contestant C: I'm Japanese!

My job search is now in full swing, and I'm trying to talk people into vouching for my reliability. It's is all over the effing board right now. Could be anywhere in the world. I'm also readying a couple of presentation proposals for conferences all over Southeast Asia. Stephe-O teaching teachers how to use the Internet in Bangladesh? Well, don't be surprised.