17 March 2007


I guess Bangladesh is not the "safest" place to go.
On August 17, 2005, a banned Islamist terrorist group, Jamaatul Mujahideen Bangladesh (JMB), claimed responsibility for nearly 500 coordinated small bomb blasts in virtually every part of Bangladesh that killed two persons and injured several dozen.  Subsequent JMB bombings and suicide attacks killed approximately 30 Bangladeshis, including judges, court workers, police officers, and bystanders, and wounded nearly 200 Bangladeshis.  JMB statements call for the imposition of strict Islamic law in Bangladesh, justify the indiscriminate use of suicide attacks, and condemn Western social and political concepts as un-Islamic.
Political confrontations manifested in demonstrations, rallies, and marches are unpredictable and have the potential for violence.  In general, demonstrations occur on Friday afternoons but may take place at any time and any place.  However, most demonstrations occur in downtown Dhaka, approximately five miles south of the U.S. Embassy.  Protesters have used physical force, rocks, guns, and explosive devices during confrontations.  In the past, police have used rubber bullets, tear gas, live ammunition, water cannons, and other riot equipment when confronting protesters. 
Due to kidnappings and other security incidents, including those involving foreign nationals, U.S. citizens are advised against traveling to the Khagrachari, Rangamati and Bandarban Hill Tracts districts (collectively known as the Chittagong Hill Tracts).
Excellent. I'll only be in Dhaka. I should be fine, although I'm speaking all day on Friday it looks like and Friday is when they like to burn things.