12 March 2007

Things to accomplish

I had a rather large list of things to accomplish over my Spring Break, including:
  • Figure out what I want to do with my life
  • Do a load of research about PhD programs
  • Do a load of reading for my dissertation
  • Start drafting my dissertation
  • Join JALT
  • Finish Translation Studies Paper
  • Post on Helter Skelter more often
  • Go to Tokyo to do some research for my dissertation
  • Post here more often
  • Start applying for jobs next year which includes the sub-list:
    • Get a respectable list of places I want to apply to
    • Get references
      • Letters AND
      • People who can vouch on the phone or e-mail
    • Finish resume (which included this sublist):
      • Find out how to type an accent mark
  • Clean the apartment and my desk area
  • Fix the toilet
  • Smoke a couple of cigars
  • Bike a lot
  • Hit my goal weight
  • Relax some
I've been doing okay on a lot of this stuff and not so well on some others. I've still got a couple of weeks left though.