01 March 2007

Wait for it

Finally, after 17 months of toiling as an MA student, I can say that I have an article forthcoming in a very reputable EFL journal, The Language Teacher. Sure, it's not a research article, and sure, the waiting list is a year/ two years for publication, but I am forthcoming. Look for "Enhancing Classroom Experience through a Class Blog" in the "MyShare" column sometime in the next decade. And that is something, my friends.

After hearing that, I was super-stoked and went to class feeling like I had something to contribute. This lasted until an older woman from the class came up to show me that she had printed out Helter Skelter English completely in color for reference. "I can't see the videos," she said and I suggested that she might need to install a flash video player. She looked very confused for a second and asked, "What's a flash?" I said, "It's a program that helps you see video on the internet. You need a program to see video on the Internet." She still looked very confused, and finally her friend, who had been listening very carefully, said, "Oh, I know! It's a disk you buy at the electronic store."