30 April 2007

Comments I've left on E-bay

  • Good Work, Good Company, Good Times, Good Product
  • As advertised--a beautiful piece of work
  • The perfection of this transaction was like a beautiful, autumn sunset.
  • Good pictures, good Japan, good ebay, good everything
  • Songs: Ohia rocks like you rock.
  • Well met. Well met.
  • Relax, man, 2relax is solid. I mean, I trust him
  • As promised, perfect, the best record ever, fitter, happier, more productive
  • Listening to CD now, good work Richies14, May God bless you and America!
  • Perfect condition, as promised and fast. You rule.
  • Fast shipping, item as promised. Thank-you for making my life livable agai
  • Everythings was fine
  • Oh man, this buyer RULES!
  • Minor Writing means lots of dumb highlighting